Still Lively Art Clubs – Choices Housing

Artists Jim Morris and Kim Fuller are working across four Choices Housing ShireLiving Retirement homes.

In the first sessions, the tenants made a variety of graphic abstract patterns using the letters of their name. They added colour using ‘Super Ferby’ pencil crayons.
Each setting made their own set of ‘A-Z’ templates to use between sessions.

In the second sessions, the tenants experimented with ‘Inktense’ watercolour pencils and ‘water-brushes’, creating washes and other watercolour effects. New ‘Star’ and ‘Heart’ templates were used – and added to each Club’s resources.

Tenants are beginning to include some ‘journal’ text in their work, and to explore the ‘Art Card’ activity prompts for themselves.

“Taking part in the workshops is really helping me to keep my brain working. I’m using techniques that are new to me, but it’s fun and sociable, and I can’t believe how good the art is that everybody is producing already.” Joan, Beechwood (ShireLiving, Choices Housing).



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