Choices Housing – Change Story

Tenants taking part in the Still Lively sessions across the four Choices Housing ShireLiving Retirement Homes are really finding how much of an impact the programme is making to their wellbeing:

“Most surprising thing for me about this Still Lively programme is how relaxed I am – indeed how relaxed we all are.”

“I tend to avoid things I’m not instantly good at, and I’m not instantly good at drawing or any kind of visual art. So it’s come as a bit of a shock to me that I’m prepared to sit here every week, give it all a go, and see what happens next, knowing I’m not going to be creating an immediate masterpiece. I am just enjoying myself.”
“I didn’t expect to be inspired like this so late in life. Today for instance we’ve talked about creative writing, and I’m feeling moved to have a go. I haven’t written for years – I used to enjoy jotting things down but as the years rolled by I lost the motivation. Now suddenly, today, I’m inspired by what we’re discussing, and the drawing technique I’ve learned has got my brain ticking over and given me an idea for writing.”
“I think the atmosphere the artists create in the workshop is the important thing. Looking around the room I see people who genuinely struggle to concentrate and engage in any other activity, real restless souls. Yet they’re here joining in and looking completely comfortable. Indeed, there are people around this table who don’t tend to get involved in anything else at all, and it’s a wonderful sight to see.”
Mary, Beechwood.

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