“We’re not just colouring in, we’re creating!”

We are continuing to get more wonderful stories from tenants taking part in the Still Lively sessions across the four Choices Housing ShireLiving Retirement Homes:

“I thought it would be good for my wife to come to these sessions, but now I realise it’s been good for me too. I’d never thought about drawing for pleasure before, even though I used to do mechanical drawings at work – you know, sketching car parts for other departments to see where repairs were needed etc. The last time I drew anything not work-related was in 1952 when I was in the Air Force. It was a wet day and I had no money, so to pass the time I sat by the window and drew what I could see. I did actually get quite a sense of satisfaction from that, and these sessions have brought back that same feeling. I shall carry on…” Mike, Maywood


“I really didn’t want to come out this morning. I didn’t feel too well and it would have been easy to stay indoors, but at the same time I didn’t want to miss class. Now I’m here, I feel much better. You’ve got to push yourself to do these things. I went to art college, so I have got experience in some of the techniques we’re using, but I hadn’t done any painting or drawing for ages. I’m surprised at some of the people here, and how good they are becoming. Having a professional artist leading the class makes all the difference you see – we’re not just colouring in, we’re creating. His enthusiasm for our art inspires us all.” Hazel, Maywood

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